Storyboard Pokerstars

Storyboard POKERSTARS KO - ft NEYMAR JR from Xavier Ren on Vimeo.

I worked on the Storyboards for this Capoeira meets Football commercial. It's been great to work with James Willis and Ross McDowell who Directed it. Click here to see the final commercial: Pokerstars Neymar


Some of the characters done for the Youtube 10 years' commercial directed by Hoku & Adam.


I did this concept at Partizan for a live show directed by Kate Dawkins. 

10 years of Youtube

I did the Artwork for the book pieces of the first 20'' of this commercial at Partizan. It's been great to work with this bunch of talented people!


One of the designs that I did for the short film "Hiatus" written and directed by the talented Borja Mucientes.



Pencil and markers


More artwork for "The Castoffs"

NIKE " The Last Game"

I've been working as Concept Artist in this Animated advert. I hope to be able to show you some of the works I did in the next  weeks. 

Look left!

I worked in the backgrounds for this animation done by Pep Lluis Lladó. I strongly recommend to check his stuff in vimeo!


I'm freaking out! I've been selected to show my Oil Paintings next to 19 fine artists in London between November the 28th to the 1st of December. 

If you want to see our stuff come to the 
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London SE1 9PH


market environment from xavier on Vimeo.

Here a breakdown of an environment design that I did for The Castoffs 

Paper creatures

These days I was working in some character design in a way I never did before. Although I had worked in some clay sculptures (a sample of them is in the last pic) I had never experimented how humble papercraft media can be. I hope you like them!


Some art work that I did for fun. I really enjoyed working in this graphic way.

Rouge Process

 Here you can see some backgrounds for "Rouge". I think it's the first time I show part of the sketch process in this blog. Black and white images are done with pencil and markers, final color images done in Photoshop.


Andrea was so kind to model for this quick painting. She's a real artist I strongly recommend you to check her site .

La cabra i la burra

Well that's really old stuff like three years old. Those images belongs to a game book project that I developed with the very talented illustrator Carla Besora. The thing about this book is stimulate the brain and hands of old people while they create their own stories for kids. I worked in the backgrounds and art direction while Carla filled the places with those charismatic characters.

If you want to know more about her you should click


View from a comfortable balcony in Gràcia (Barcelona)

Sketches for The Castoffs


 Pencil sketches for my personal animation project.